CARE Branding

What was previously known as the SAFE (Sexual Assault Facts & Education) program at UCSC has recently become transformed into a working resource center, under the new title "CARE" (Campus Advocacy Resources & Education), consistent with the other UC campuses. Having worked extensively with SAFE in the previous year, I was brought on to create the branding materials for the new CARE office, including a new official logo, business cards, t-shirts, website materials, and various fliers. 


In the initial consultation, I was told that we wanted to incorporate teal (and brown) as a major component of the branding. Teal is the official color for sexual assault & harassment awareness. It's also a great color. 

Web Banners

Other Assets

Print Banner


This has been one of my favorite projects to work on thus far. It's very close to my heart and I really love the creative freedom I had with it. Teal is also one of my favorite colors. Branding projects in general are very complicated; to have to perfectly convey what the client is looking for and what will attract their target market is not an easy skill to learn. But working on this particular project, along with other ones, has really allowed me to learn and expand my graphic design (and marketing) knowledge. 

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