JG Instructor Branding

Over the summer of 2015, I finally decided to stop procrastinating and get my long overdue drivers' license. My driving instructor, John, incidentally, needed an updated business card as well as a new website. John ended up becoming one of my first clients, and working with someone who wasn't an immediate friend or my boss really allowed me to experience working in a style that wasn't my own. Plus, it was quite fun making a website for someone that wasn't me. 

Check out the complete website here!

John had this "IDEA" in mind about his philosophy in teaching people how to drive. It became something of a slogan for him, and he asked me to create a graphic for it to go on his website. I managed to turn it into a cool animated graphic for his website header.

John requested a visual brand with lots of white space, i.e. sleek and minimal but with pops of neutral color. I decided to create a motif to go with this professional brand, diagonal stripes to emulate tire streaks to reflect his driving school services.  


Overall, it was a great experience being able to work with a real client. In my free time, I would love to do freelance again.