SAAM 2015

As a volunteer for UCSC's SAFE org (Sexual Assault Facts & Education), I was tasked with creating all the collateral design materials for our SAAM campaign. This included creating an event calendar, button designs, and several fliers for our events. Everything was distributed across campus throughout April in order to promote SAFE as well as our events and to raise awareness for sexual assault and harassment. Notable events were Taking Down Rape Culture, presented by notable Youtuber and activist Laci Green

I truly loved working on all these materials for SAAM. Sexual assault & harassment awareness is something I care about tremendously and being able to contribute to the cause in my own campus community has been an honor. For each flier that was made, I wanted to really draw attention to each individual event, and I tried to do this by making each flier reflect the actual event. As much as I loved my concept, in the future, I would like to keep a consistent theme going for everything, especially given that they were all part of the same SAAM campaign. However, I am glad that they were effective in raising awareness. Especially the buttons, which were a hit!