Cardamom Consent Cats

Raising awareness for sexual assault awareness, and consent culture as a whole, is a big part of my life. As such, as is clear by now, I've become heavily involved with the CARE office on my school campus, and working there has allowed me to develop special friendships and partnerships with people who are also passionate about these subjects.

My good friends Carly and Satveer reached out to me to create a logo for their new blog Cardamom Consent Cats, a social justice hub focusing on consent culture, cats, and chai. I was definitely in so I set out to create a logo that captured the essence I get from them as individuals and their new website. 

I presented these two options to Carly and Satveer. They told me they wanted a nice combination of cat and tea iconography. The first option is more subtle with the iconography (and doesn't really incorporate the tea), but I like it haha. The second option is a literal mix of the cat and the tea and that was the final logo chosen. After a couple revisions, below is the final rendition: 


Check out their blog here and don't forget to comment!