Condom Co-Op Campaign

Part of SHOP is a sub-unit group of great volunteers who run a condom co-op to sell inexpensive condoms to other students, allowing an opportunity to open up a larger discussion on sex-positivity and safe sex practices. Ben, the Condom Co-Op student intern, and I developed an advertising campaign to get the word out about the Condom Co-Op. 

The idea was to insert condoms into photos of various "Santa Cruz" activities so that it'll be appealing to the Santa Cruz students here and they would be eye-catching because they're inherently funny. Some ideas that Ben and I threw out were people riding on condom bicycles, skateboarding on condoms, and surfing on condoms. Below are the final products. 

What was important for me was that the condoms would stand out in all these flyers. So I decided to make the photos in black and white, and used bright colors to make the condoms stand out. My favorite one is the one with the dog. 

It was really fun designing these flyers. My boss and Ben really loved them too and we decided to use them for both print and social media. Soon, they will be developed into large photos to be framed for the SHOP office. :D