Map of Int'l Cinema, Post 1960

For winter 2016, I was enrolled in a class called International Cinema 1960 - Present. The class was focused on not the mainstream ideas of the United States about what 'international cinema' means, which is usually art cinema style foreign movies. Rather, we were focused on gathering a broader look at transnationalism found in the production, distribution, and exhibition of movies all across the globe, ranging from popular movies like Y Tu Mama Tambien (Mexico, 2001) to traditional art cinema films like Ran (Japan, 1985) to Third Cinema films like Ten Canoes (Australia, 2006). 

For the final, we were tasked to create a piece, whether literary or visual, that would encompass the various transnational connections between all the films we watched in class, while drawing connections to the readings as well. Instead of writing an essay, I embarked on creating a poster that would literally map the connections. 

It was important for me to make clear the connections that came about from the chronological order of the films. All these films may be from different locations with different geological contexts, but despite this, transnationalism connections still came about regardless. Hence, the various points of similarities made clear by the lines. 

Overall, it was a fun experience for me, especially given my very restricted time limit to complete this. I had just about two days, and I think that restriction made my creativity flow to create this piece. 

BTW, I also really loved not only the class, but some of these films have really grown on me throughout the class. Namely, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Head Hunters, Wadjdaand The Selfish Giant