2016 EyeCandy Layout

Ever since freshman year of college, I was interested in joining EyeCandy, the film & media journal organization on campus. It's a literary and scholarly journal that is entirely produced by passionate students to write academically about our media. And of course, I was always interested in layout. The last two years, I was unable to participate, but I finally had the chance my junior year. 

Everyone in the student organization was grouped into writers or layout (people could overlap of course), and we were paired up to cover each others' articles in the print magazine. I had the opportunity to work with a fellow student, Brian DeAngelis, on his article about "Marvel's Modern Mutants", talking about the history of Marvel Comics and its revolution in the digital age with ABC, Disney, and Netflix. It was a very fun article to work on the layout for and I had a blast. 

Of course, working in any team environment, there is always compromise. Originally, the timeline was supposed to be on a full spread on its own and in full color. Unfortunately, due to extraneous circumstances, the end result is different. But altogether, I still really like the work I was able to do. Working with Marvel content is always fun too.