Very Important Playlist podcast

The Very Important Playlist podcast is something my friend, Bianca, and I have been working on for a couple months and it has finally come into fruition. Each episode we will be curating a 10-song playlist dedicated to a different celebrity, or public figure. We will discuss the songs, talk about our lives, discuss diversity, entertainment, fun stuff, and more! Even though the podcast is about celebrities, it's mostly about us (duh). 

So in thinking about how to brand ourselves, I wanted our design to be eye-catching, but include our faces somehow. I illustrated the two of us, inspired by the style of Malika Favre. Somehow, the color of our brand became orange... but I think we like it. 

As a shameless plug, check out our latest episode on Diego Luna! We discuss his activism, weddings, and music! New episodes drop every other Sunday on iTunes and Soundcloud. 

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Instagram & Twitter: @VIPPodcast 

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