Very Important Playlist podcast

The Very Important Playlist podcast is something my friend, Bianca, and I have been working on for a couple months and it has finally come into fruition. Each episode we will be curating a 10-song playlist dedicated to a different celebrity, or public figure. We will discuss the songs, talk about our lives, discuss diversity, entertainment, fun stuff, and more! Even though the podcast is about celebrities, it's mostly about us (duh). 

So in thinking about how to brand ourselves, I wanted our design to be eye-catching, but include our faces somehow. I illustrated the two of us, inspired by the style of Malika Favre. Somehow, the color of our brand became orange... but I think we like it. 

As a shameless plug, check out our latest episode on Diego Luna! We discuss his activism, weddings, and music! New episodes drop every other Sunday on iTunes and Soundcloud. 

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February - August Statistics

Slug Love Branding

Slug Love is the sexual health and sex-positive program at UC Santa Cruz. This student-run program puts on educational workshops around campus to inform students about how to have safer sex. 

I developed this logo after being inspired by the title image for the Netflix series Love. The bold lettering catches attention, which is what I loved about the title image. I adapted that to Slug Love but made it more approachable and "lovable" by softening up the edges and adding some "slug" touches to the logo.


Party like a SLUG! Campaign

Party like a SLUG! is UC Santa Cruz's newfound safer partying and alcohol/other drug awareness program. Employing colorful graphics and approachable material, the program is taking the campus by storm and helping students stay informed. 

I was tasked with not only designing the entire brand of Party like a SLUG!, but also helping to conceptualize and develop the program itself. The objective of the brand design was to give the program an eye-catching look that would compel students to pay attention to the material as they go through campus. 


11" x 17" Bus Ads





Website & Social Media Graphics

Motion Graphic Video

CARE Branding

What was previously known as the SAFE (Sexual Assault Facts & Education) program at UCSC has recently become transformed into a working resource center, under the new title "CARE" (Campus Advocacy Resources & Education), consistent with the other UC campuses. Having worked extensively with SAFE in the previous year, I was brought on to create the branding materials for the new CARE office, including a new official logo, business cards, t-shirts, website materials, and various fliers. 


In the initial consultation, I was told that we wanted to incorporate teal (and brown) as a major component of the branding. Teal is the official color for sexual assault & harassment awareness. It's also a great color. 

Web Banners

Other Assets

Print Banner


This has been one of my favorite projects to work on thus far. It's very close to my heart and I really love the creative freedom I had with it. Teal is also one of my favorite colors. Branding projects in general are very complicated; to have to perfectly convey what the client is looking for and what will attract their target market is not an easy skill to learn. But working on this particular project, along with other ones, has really allowed me to learn and expand my graphic design (and marketing) knowledge. 

Motion Graphic Video


Cardamom Consent Cats

Raising awareness for sexual assault awareness, and consent culture as a whole, is a big part of my life. As such, as is clear by now, I've become heavily involved with the CARE office on my school campus, and working there has allowed me to develop special friendships and partnerships with people who are also passionate about these subjects.

My good friends Carly and Satveer reached out to me to create a logo for their new blog Cardamom Consent Cats, a social justice hub focusing on consent culture, cats, and chai. I was definitely in so I set out to create a logo that captured the essence I get from them as individuals and their new website. 

I presented these two options to Carly and Satveer. They told me they wanted a nice combination of cat and tea iconography. The first option is more subtle with the iconography (and doesn't really incorporate the tea), but I like it haha. The second option is a literal mix of the cat and the tea and that was the final logo chosen. After a couple revisions, below is the final rendition: 


Check out their blog here and don't forget to comment! 

SHOP Re-branding

After coming on as SHOP's (Student Health Outreach & Promotion) new graphic designer, we decided that SHOP needed a new image and visual brand. This meant revamping the existing logo as well as creating promotional and visual print banners for the office and events and web-friendly banners for the new website. 

Old logo

Old logo

New logo

New logo

The old logo had an iconic look to it for the students, so I just spruced it up with a more modern typeface and got rid of the compass, which had become outdated.  

The next step was to create new banners for the SHOP office. The large banner welcoming students to the office was outdated as well. I wanted the new banner to look fun and welcoming and colorful. The goal for this particular project, for me, was to think outside of the box and do something I hadn't done before. Unlike CARE, SHOP didn't really need a brand new visual image, just some updated pieces. 


SHOP was also in the process of updating their website this year. To go with this new update, I was tasked with designing brand new web banners for each of the subsection pages of the website. You can check out the new site here.

JG Instructor Branding

Over the summer of 2015, I finally decided to stop procrastinating and get my long overdue drivers' license. My driving instructor, John, incidentally, needed an updated business card as well as a new website. John ended up becoming one of my first clients, and working with someone who wasn't an immediate friend or my boss really allowed me to experience working in a style that wasn't my own. Plus, it was quite fun making a website for someone that wasn't me. 

Check out the complete website here!

John had this "IDEA" in mind about his philosophy in teaching people how to drive. It became something of a slogan for him, and he asked me to create a graphic for it to go on his website. I managed to turn it into a cool animated graphic for his website header.

John requested a visual brand with lots of white space, i.e. sleek and minimal but with pops of neutral color. I decided to create a motif to go with this professional brand, diagonal stripes to emulate tire streaks to reflect his driving school services.  


Overall, it was a great experience being able to work with a real client. In my free time, I would love to do freelance again. 

A Modern Touch Branding

July 2015

Brenda, a very close friend of mine, had been telling me about her dream career as a wedding planner since forever. When she approached me one day saying that she found a business partner and wanted to launch a new event planning business, she immediately had me come on board to do her visual branding. I was so ecstatic, especially because I had recently been following some great branding graphic designers online (namely, Elle & Company and Salted Ink). In the initial consultation, I had Brenda and May pull together images that they thought emulated what they wanted their brand to look like. From that, I created this mood board: 


Their entire feel was that of a rustic image, but with a modern touch. So to reflect that, I kept their brand colors mostly neutral and earthy paired with a sleek greys and blues. Afterwards, I presented three logo options, according to their specifications, and from there we reached the final product. 

3 logo options

3 logo options

Official logo

Official logo

Below is the final presentation of their brand board, which includes a sub logo I designed for other promoting materials. I also designed a sleek and simple business card for them. 

Working with Brenda and May for their up and coming business was so much fun, because in some ways, I'm in the same boat as them as an up-and-coming graphic designer. It was nice to see that I have peers who are feeling the same feelings of excitement and anxiety in the hopes of achieving our dreams. A Modern Touch: Event Planning Co. has unofficially launched last fall and is slowly opening up to more business. I'm super excited for them, and I can't wait to finally work on a website for them in the future! 

iloveegg Branding

I had a dream one summer night. I had opened up a diner/restaurant and every single food item would be egg-based. The dream was so vivid; I imagined exactly what the logo and the interior and the uniforms and even the placemats would look like. As soon as I woke up, I went straight to work on designing this imaginary diner.

You know how when you have a vivid dream, and you remember exactly every detail of it? But when you try to explain that dream to someone else with just the same amount of detail as you remember it, but no matter how you try, it just doesn't relay the same way as when you dreamt it? That's how I feel about this particular project. I still love the idea of an egg diner though.