Movie Posters Revamped

I'm a big fan of the movies and TV; I even majored in it. But to combine my interests in graphic design and film/TV, I wanted to design some of my own posters for some of my favorite movies and TV shows. I will update as I make more.

Tal Posters

탈 (Tal) is a traditional Korean mask. They were typically worn by dancers and performers back in the day and each mask had a different emotion. So here's a kewl poster series I made.


K-food yum!

My friend sparked a fun idea for a design, which was to make something that said "삼겹살 or death". 삼겹살 is pork belly in Korean, and it is essentially everyone's favorite Korean BBQ meat! 

Here is 삼겹살 made out of pork belly pieces! I also am thinking of turning this into a series of Korean foods. Here is 떡볶이 (spicy rice cake) made out of spicy rice cakes.

Hanbok Poster

I'm out here trying to get in touch with my culture (lol) so here's a poster on some hanbok pieces! Hanbok is traditional Korean clothing. Traditional female clothing usually consists of the skirt/dress with the shirt/jacket.

SHOP End of Year Infographic

For SHOP's end of year report, I was tasked with creating an infographic that easily displayed the numerical balances and accomplishments of the program for the 2016-2017 year. This primarily consisted of various lists and sums, but we wanted to keep the graphic consistent with the SHOP brand and visually pleasing.

Below was an infographic-inspired postcard handout I designed for SHOP.

420 Campaign

Santa Cruz is fairly known for its annual 420 event in which locals and students will gather to engage in smoking weed together. In order to combat some of the more dangerous sides to this event, I worked with SHOP to produce a flier campaign that would 1) not make it seem as though the institution is coming down on people for smoking and 2) inform people safer practices they can do to have a safer 420. 

2017 EyeCandy Layout

For this year's edition of UCSC's EyeCandy Film Journal, I was tasked with developing a visual layout for Kristal's essay on The Handmaiden. Her essay would tackle the ideas of queer Asian female identity in media and she wanted specific images pulled from the film and from The World of Suzie Wong. I combined these factors to develop an excessively feminine-appearing look, utilizing pink watercolor styles, to point out the irony and complexities of female gender roles.

I also made several art/ad pieces for the journal including these pieces.

Slug Love Branding

Slug Love is the sexual health and sex-positive program at UC Santa Cruz. This student-run program puts on educational workshops around campus to inform students about how to have safer sex. 

I developed this logo after being inspired by the title image for the Netflix series Love. The bold lettering catches attention, which is what I loved about the title image. I adapted that to Slug Love but made it more approachable and "lovable" by softening up the edges and adding some "slug" touches to the logo.


Party like a SLUG! Campaign

Party like a SLUG! is UC Santa Cruz's newfound safer partying and alcohol/other drug awareness program. Employing colorful graphics and approachable material, the program is taking the campus by storm and helping students stay informed. 

I was tasked with not only designing the entire brand of Party like a SLUG!, but also helping to conceptualize and develop the program itself. The objective of the brand design was to give the program an eye-catching look that would compel students to pay attention to the material as they go through campus. 


11" x 17" Bus Ads





Website & Social Media Graphics

Motion Graphic Video

CARE Branding

What was previously known as the SAFE (Sexual Assault Facts & Education) program at UCSC has recently become transformed into a working resource center, under the new title "CARE" (Campus Advocacy Resources & Education), consistent with the other UC campuses. Having worked extensively with SAFE in the previous year, I was brought on to create the branding materials for the new CARE office, including a new official logo, business cards, t-shirts, website materials, and various fliers. 


In the initial consultation, I was told that we wanted to incorporate teal (and brown) as a major component of the branding. Teal is the official color for sexual assault & harassment awareness. It's also a great color. 

Web Banners

Other Assets

Print Banner


This has been one of my favorite projects to work on thus far. It's very close to my heart and I really love the creative freedom I had with it. Teal is also one of my favorite colors. Branding projects in general are very complicated; to have to perfectly convey what the client is looking for and what will attract their target market is not an easy skill to learn. But working on this particular project, along with other ones, has really allowed me to learn and expand my graphic design (and marketing) knowledge. 

Motion Graphic Video


Fliers Galore!

My graphic design experience has sprouted from making miscellaneous fliers for different organizations. Making fliers has allowed me to experiment with different styles. This gallery will continually be updated.

Cardamom Consent Cats

Raising awareness for sexual assault awareness, and consent culture as a whole, is a big part of my life. As such, as is clear by now, I've become heavily involved with the CARE office on my school campus, and working there has allowed me to develop special friendships and partnerships with people who are also passionate about these subjects.

My good friends Carly and Satveer reached out to me to create a logo for their new blog Cardamom Consent Cats, a social justice hub focusing on consent culture, cats, and chai. I was definitely in so I set out to create a logo that captured the essence I get from them as individuals and their new website. 

I presented these two options to Carly and Satveer. They told me they wanted a nice combination of cat and tea iconography. The first option is more subtle with the iconography (and doesn't really incorporate the tea), but I like it haha. The second option is a literal mix of the cat and the tea and that was the final logo chosen. After a couple revisions, below is the final rendition: 


Check out their blog here and don't forget to comment! 

2016 EyeCandy Layout

Ever since freshman year of college, I was interested in joining EyeCandy, the film & media journal organization on campus. It's a literary and scholarly journal that is entirely produced by passionate students to write academically about our media. And of course, I was always interested in layout. The last two years, I was unable to participate, but I finally had the chance my junior year. 

Everyone in the student organization was grouped into writers or layout (people could overlap of course), and we were paired up to cover each others' articles in the print magazine. I had the opportunity to work with a fellow student, Brian DeAngelis, on his article about "Marvel's Modern Mutants", talking about the history of Marvel Comics and its revolution in the digital age with ABC, Disney, and Netflix. It was a very fun article to work on the layout for and I had a blast. 

Of course, working in any team environment, there is always compromise. Originally, the timeline was supposed to be on a full spread on its own and in full color. Unfortunately, due to extraneous circumstances, the end result is different. But altogether, I still really like the work I was able to do. Working with Marvel content is always fun too. 

Map of Int'l Cinema, Post 1960

For winter 2016, I was enrolled in a class called International Cinema 1960 - Present. The class was focused on not the mainstream ideas of the United States about what 'international cinema' means, which is usually art cinema style foreign movies. Rather, we were focused on gathering a broader look at transnationalism found in the production, distribution, and exhibition of movies all across the globe, ranging from popular movies like Y Tu Mama Tambien (Mexico, 2001) to traditional art cinema films like Ran (Japan, 1985) to Third Cinema films like Ten Canoes (Australia, 2006). 

For the final, we were tasked to create a piece, whether literary or visual, that would encompass the various transnational connections between all the films we watched in class, while drawing connections to the readings as well. Instead of writing an essay, I embarked on creating a poster that would literally map the connections. 

It was important for me to make clear the connections that came about from the chronological order of the films. All these films may be from different locations with different geological contexts, but despite this, transnationalism connections still came about regardless. Hence, the various points of similarities made clear by the lines. 

Overall, it was a fun experience for me, especially given my very restricted time limit to complete this. I had just about two days, and I think that restriction made my creativity flow to create this piece. 

BTW, I also really loved not only the class, but some of these films have really grown on me throughout the class. Namely, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Head Hunters, Wadjdaand The Selfish Giant

SHG & The Cove Logos

At SHOP, there's a subsection of the program dedicated to Alcohol & Other Drug Recovery. Jorge, who runs this program, came up to me to update two logos. One for The Cove, the recovery space located on campus, and one for Slugs for Health & Growth, the new official title for the AOD Recovery program. 

Old logo

Old logo


New logo

Jorge liked and disliked various parts of the original cove logo; the circular aspect was something he liked, as well as the colorful incorporation of Santa Cruz-y things like the trees and the waves. But for the most part, the main issue was the abstraction of the logo. I decided to keep the circularity of the logo and to keep the logo as colorful as the first one. Jorge appreciated the mood of the color palette I chose for the logo. 

Old logo

Old logo


New logo 1

New logo 2

We wanted the logo to be very friendly yet professional and not be as abstract as the original logo. In keeping with the circularity of the logo for The Cove, I made this new logo for Slugs for Health & Growth a circle. I knew that Jorge wanted a dynamic color palette, one that would be calming and welcoming yet vibrant. I provided several color options, and in the end, Jorge chose both the red/purple and the green/teal logo. We could interchange them for different purposes. :) 

Condom Co-Op Campaign

Part of SHOP is a sub-unit group of great volunteers who run a condom co-op to sell inexpensive condoms to other students, allowing an opportunity to open up a larger discussion on sex-positivity and safe sex practices. Ben, the Condom Co-Op student intern, and I developed an advertising campaign to get the word out about the Condom Co-Op. 

The idea was to insert condoms into photos of various "Santa Cruz" activities so that it'll be appealing to the Santa Cruz students here and they would be eye-catching because they're inherently funny. Some ideas that Ben and I threw out were people riding on condom bicycles, skateboarding on condoms, and surfing on condoms. Below are the final products. 

What was important for me was that the condoms would stand out in all these flyers. So I decided to make the photos in black and white, and used bright colors to make the condoms stand out. My favorite one is the one with the dog. 

It was really fun designing these flyers. My boss and Ben really loved them too and we decided to use them for both print and social media. Soon, they will be developed into large photos to be framed for the SHOP office. :D 

SHOP Re-branding

After coming on as SHOP's (Student Health Outreach & Promotion) new graphic designer, we decided that SHOP needed a new image and visual brand. This meant revamping the existing logo as well as creating promotional and visual print banners for the office and events and web-friendly banners for the new website. 

Old logo

Old logo

New logo

New logo

The old logo had an iconic look to it for the students, so I just spruced it up with a more modern typeface and got rid of the compass, which had become outdated.  

The next step was to create new banners for the SHOP office. The large banner welcoming students to the office was outdated as well. I wanted the new banner to look fun and welcoming and colorful. The goal for this particular project, for me, was to think outside of the box and do something I hadn't done before. Unlike CARE, SHOP didn't really need a brand new visual image, just some updated pieces. 


SHOP was also in the process of updating their website this year. To go with this new update, I was tasked with designing brand new web banners for each of the subsection pages of the website. You can check out the new site here.

HIV Peer Test Counselor Fliers

SHOP (Student Health Outreach & Promotion) at UCSC has an HIV peer testing program in which student volunteers can serve as counselor for oral swab tests for HIV. As SHOP's graphic designer, I was tasked with making individual fliers for each test counselor. I loved the photographs so much and I didn't want to alter them, so I opted for a magazine cover style and layered the text over the photos. Richard, the student leader for the HIV Peer Test Counselors, asked me to design a t-shirt for the counselors to wear when going out and promoting the program as well. 

This is really where I started to go deeper into the side of marketing. Working with the adult staff at SHOP, we collaboratively came up with the slogan "We're not anonymous but you are" which resonated very well with the campus community.