SHOP Re-branding

After coming on as SHOP's (Student Health Outreach & Promotion) new graphic designer, we decided that SHOP needed a new image and visual brand. This meant revamping the existing logo as well as creating promotional and visual print banners for the office and events and web-friendly banners for the new website. 

Old logo

Old logo

New logo

New logo

The old logo had an iconic look to it for the students, so I just spruced it up with a more modern typeface and got rid of the compass, which had become outdated.  

The next step was to create new banners for the SHOP office. The large banner welcoming students to the office was outdated as well. I wanted the new banner to look fun and welcoming and colorful. The goal for this particular project, for me, was to think outside of the box and do something I hadn't done before. Unlike CARE, SHOP didn't really need a brand new visual image, just some updated pieces. 


SHOP was also in the process of updating their website this year. To go with this new update, I was tasked with designing brand new web banners for each of the subsection pages of the website. You can check out the new site here.

HIV Peer Test Counselor Fliers

SHOP (Student Health Outreach & Promotion) at UCSC has an HIV peer testing program in which student volunteers can serve as counselor for oral swab tests for HIV. As SHOP's graphic designer, I was tasked with making individual fliers for each test counselor. I loved the photographs so much and I didn't want to alter them, so I opted for a magazine cover style and layered the text over the photos. Richard, the student leader for the HIV Peer Test Counselors, asked me to design a t-shirt for the counselors to wear when going out and promoting the program as well. 

This is really where I started to go deeper into the side of marketing. Working with the adult staff at SHOP, we collaboratively came up with the slogan "We're not anonymous but you are" which resonated very well with the campus community. 

Margaret Han Promotional Material

I had a special client recently who had seen the work I had done for SAFE/CARE. She told me that that style was exactly what she wanted for her new business card, and I was happy to oblige with re-using that style. She needed a print advertisement for her company's mail newsletter.

I kept the color palette the same teal and tan combination. Because Margaret is a real estate agent, I illustrated a map of the area, which she loved. 

JG Instructor Branding

Over the summer of 2015, I finally decided to stop procrastinating and get my long overdue drivers' license. My driving instructor, John, incidentally, needed an updated business card as well as a new website. John ended up becoming one of my first clients, and working with someone who wasn't an immediate friend or my boss really allowed me to experience working in a style that wasn't my own. Plus, it was quite fun making a website for someone that wasn't me. 

Check out the complete website here!

John had this "IDEA" in mind about his philosophy in teaching people how to drive. It became something of a slogan for him, and he asked me to create a graphic for it to go on his website. I managed to turn it into a cool animated graphic for his website header.

John requested a visual brand with lots of white space, i.e. sleek and minimal but with pops of neutral color. I decided to create a motif to go with this professional brand, diagonal stripes to emulate tire streaks to reflect his driving school services.  


Overall, it was a great experience being able to work with a real client. In my free time, I would love to do freelance again. 

A Modern Touch Branding

July 2015

Brenda, a very close friend of mine, had been telling me about her dream career as a wedding planner since forever. When she approached me one day saying that she found a business partner and wanted to launch a new event planning business, she immediately had me come on board to do her visual branding. I was so ecstatic, especially because I had recently been following some great branding graphic designers online (namely, Elle & Company and Salted Ink). In the initial consultation, I had Brenda and May pull together images that they thought emulated what they wanted their brand to look like. From that, I created this mood board: 


Their entire feel was that of a rustic image, but with a modern touch. So to reflect that, I kept their brand colors mostly neutral and earthy paired with a sleek greys and blues. Afterwards, I presented three logo options, according to their specifications, and from there we reached the final product. 

3 logo options

3 logo options

Official logo

Official logo

Below is the final presentation of their brand board, which includes a sub logo I designed for other promoting materials. I also designed a sleek and simple business card for them. 

Working with Brenda and May for their up and coming business was so much fun, because in some ways, I'm in the same boat as them as an up-and-coming graphic designer. It was nice to see that I have peers who are feeling the same feelings of excitement and anxiety in the hopes of achieving our dreams. A Modern Touch: Event Planning Co. has unofficially launched last fall and is slowly opening up to more business. I'm super excited for them, and I can't wait to finally work on a website for them in the future! 

iloveegg Branding

I had a dream one summer night. I had opened up a diner/restaurant and every single food item would be egg-based. The dream was so vivid; I imagined exactly what the logo and the interior and the uniforms and even the placemats would look like. As soon as I woke up, I went straight to work on designing this imaginary diner.

You know how when you have a vivid dream, and you remember exactly every detail of it? But when you try to explain that dream to someone else with just the same amount of detail as you remember it, but no matter how you try, it just doesn't relay the same way as when you dreamt it? That's how I feel about this particular project. I still love the idea of an egg diner though. 

Access 4 All Campaign

January - May 2015

I was in charge of designing all collateral materials for UCSC's Measure 61: Access 4 All, a referendum on the 2015 Student Ballot. I designed the official logo, button pins, infographics, bus advertisements, fliers, postcard handouts, t-shirts, and social media images, all of which were distributed across campus during the campaigning period. The campaign began with designing a logo for the campaign. The goal of the design of the logo was to combine unity of college students, healthcare, and the banana slug (mascot). 

Afterwards, I had to design comprehensive infographics displaying the economic breakdown of the measure. The documents were distributed among campus student leadership as a resource to consult. Later, they were used to educate the general campus public on the economics of the measure as well. 

Our next step was to blast the campus with messaging of our campaign through bus advertisements. Using student volunteer photos, I created four individual posters to emphasize the testimonials in a colorful and eye-catching way. In campaigning to the general public, I decided to switch gears and go for a colorful palette to draw attention. As these posters were posted inside the various university campus buses for the duration of the campaign, it was important that these were eye-catching. 

For the majority of our campaign, the outreach was done via tabling across campus. I designed various postcard-sized handouts for the student volunteers to distribute. Similar to the bus ads, I kept a similar colorful palette, echoing the stripe motif. These postcards were also distributed to every student at the Student Health Center by staff. 

The Access 4 All Campaign was my first hand at designing a mass campaign, and really my first experience as a graphic designer. I came into this campaign with only a digital painting background, and throughout the process, I had learned a tremendous amount about graphic design. It was interesting to be able to work on both the duller, text/information-heavy parts of the campaign and the more colorful and graphic parts.  

SAAM 2015

As a volunteer for UCSC's SAFE org (Sexual Assault Facts & Education), I was tasked with creating all the collateral design materials for our SAAM campaign. This included creating an event calendar, button designs, and several fliers for our events. Everything was distributed across campus throughout April in order to promote SAFE as well as our events and to raise awareness for sexual assault and harassment. Notable events were Taking Down Rape Culture, presented by notable Youtuber and activist Laci Green

I truly loved working on all these materials for SAAM. Sexual assault & harassment awareness is something I care about tremendously and being able to contribute to the cause in my own campus community has been an honor. For each flier that was made, I wanted to really draw attention to each individual event, and I tried to do this by making each flier reflect the actual event. As much as I loved my concept, in the future, I would like to keep a consistent theme going for everything, especially given that they were all part of the same SAAM campaign. However, I am glad that they were effective in raising awareness. Especially the buttons, which were a hit! 

Gender Pronouns Posters

March 2015

While working on the Access 4 All Campaign, I was approached to make these gender pronouns posters for the Student Health Center. The goal was to spread the word on gender pronouns. With the help of Ali and Meg from SHOP (Student Health Outreach & Promotion) at UCSC, I was able to develop an effective poster, which was then created into postcard handouts as well. They eventually became requested by the Student Health Center, SHOP, the pharmacy, the medical lab, the Career Center, and the Disability Resources Center. 

I'm always glad to do my part in creating awareness for marginalized groups, which include people who are non-binary. With the current social atmosphere becoming increasingly aware about gender pronouns and gender non-binariness, I'm glad that these posters became as popular as they did in my campus community. 

Love = Respect Poster

The local women's center, Monarch Services, was holding a poster content for teen dating violence awareness month. They approached me about submitting a poster design. After some thought, I thought why not? 

I wanted to make a graphic poster, one that would catch your attention, but also not be super depressing given the subject. I laid under statistics about teen dating violence in the background almost as a metaphor. In spite of such statistics, it is our job to stand together and support each other with love and respect.